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A Innovative Team sprit - that is what best describes Pyro Trade Link and its groups which has promoted since 1987. Our groups live by its core value of Commitment, Concern, Integrity & Quality. We are leading supplier of pyrotechnic chemicals, Indian Medicinal Herbs, Machineries since 1987 and our products are confirmed to BIS standards and our commitment to quality earns reputed customers in the field of Fireworks, Matches, Defence Industries and other Chemical Industries. We also export Indian Medicinal Herbs.

We are engaged mainly in Trading Chemicals, Herbs and marketing of new products related to pyrotechnic industries. Now, We are in an expansion programme in the world trade with a capacity to supply various products which is listed in the catalogue. We are eager to represent you for your products in India and understand in any joint venture in your country or in India with Buy-back , arrangements. We are welcoming your: valued enquiries and keeping ready for detailed discussions at any time.

We buy and sell following products



Paper Products

Safety Matches

Health Products

Food Products